Pesky Pests?

Welcome to “Get My Pest Out!” a new blog brought to you by our friends from The FireRANT! 

With the New Year, we decided to get a new look.  While we love all things fire ants, we think you deserve to know more about how to treat all pests:  Insects, bugs, ants and lawn disease in your yard.  You may have a problem but you aren’t sure what the “root” of that problem is!

So, we’re here to help you out.  Brought to you by the makers of Maxide Lawn Disease, Insect and Grub Killer ®, along with Sevin ® and Over ‘n Out ® – this blog is designed to answer all your questions and offer you tons of useful information about those pesky lawn problems. 

We’ll update you on trends in lawn care, seasonal tips, and areas of concern you should pay close attention to in your lawn.  But, we don’t want to be the only ones doing the talking!!  We’d love to hear from you – so send us your questions, comments, and topics and we’d love to have you share with our readers! 

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